About us

Innovation applied to packaging: this is our passion, the core of what we do at Suricate SA, specialists in flexible packaging. Over the years we have gained experience designing and creating flexible packaging for a wide range of possible applications in a great variety of sectors.

Our flair for thinking outside the box and our flexible approach help us come up with original, versatile solutions for all types of merchandise, from food to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

We work hard every day in our headquarters in Balerna (Switzerland) to preserve the contents of packages in the best possible way, using modern technologies and certified procedures to satisfy even the most demanding customers.


Right from our first meeting, we at Suricate work with our customers to understand their needs and come up with the best possible solutions for them. We analyse all our customers’ requests thoroughly, plan how to act, and assess the costs and benefits of every choice.
The solid background of our young, determined team and our use of the most advanced technologies allow us to offer integrated solutions covering the entire production process: from designing and creating graphics to forming and filling packages.
In partnership with qualified suppliers and certified laboratories, we take samples and conduct quality tests on all our products at every stage in the process. Control and quality procedures are performed strictly in accordance with the high standards of Swiss legislation.


We see every new project as a challenge that encourages us to do better. We are ready to put our know-how, our in-depth knowledge of raw materials and the most advanced technologies in the field at your service to come up with innovative custom solutions. This allows us to create a different package for every customer, using a wide range of materials and formats, combining great aesthetic value, efficiency and practicality with guaranteed rapid production. Our final goal is to use flexible packaging to make the most of your products.


The high quality standards we pursue allow Suricate SA to obtain important Food Safety System 22000 Certification for its food safety management system covering the entire supply chain. Certification is based on standards ISO 22000:2005, ISO/TS 22002-4, ISO/TS 22002-1 and the additional requirements of FSSC22000, and applies to production of flexible packages for use with food and for filling with beverages.
This demonstrates our special commitment to food safety while ensuring that customers get the highest certified quality.

Vision & Mission


We build strong relationships with Customers, Suppliers and Employees. Unity is strength.
Our present is to make impossible projects, achievable.
Our fusion is the energy to transform difficulties into opportunities.


We will be the Team that, with a positive, daring and courageous orientation, will find the path to satisfy its Clients realizing avant-garde projects: we want to be your elite Partner.

Our values

Respect and responsibility
The growth of collaborators
Being extraordinary



Flexible packaging offers a number of important advantages over conventional packaging.

  • Visibility: much greater, with two large surfaces that can be used in the best possible way to present their contents with top quality printing. The shaping makes products much more attractive to consumers.
  • Portion packing: single servings can be individually packaged. Flexible materials make it much easier to switch from one format to another.
  • Less waste: flexible packaging prevents waste. Waste can be caused by packaging that is inappropriate for its contents, too large or too difficult to empty. Flexible packaging makes it easy to consume all the package’s contents.
  • Shelf life: guaranteed by use of a number of laminated materials, each with different properties, to protect the product contained against a variety of risk factors: permeability to oxygen, steam, light and loss of protective atmosphere.
  • Convenience: the package may be adapted in response to requirements (stand-up, 3 seams, side gussets, resealing zipper, handles, dispensers, etc.)
  • Machinability: a variety of proposals make automation of the filling process easier




Flexible packaging is good for the planet, because:

  • It requires much smaller quantities of raw materials than conventional packaging, permitting savings of about 75%;
  • It takes up less space and weighs less, making storage and transportation easier and permitting significant savings on resources;
  • It drastically reduces CO₂ emissions generated in its production;
  • It permits food to be kept fresh, lengthening shelf life and thereby reducing waste.
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