Suricate offers its customers fully equipped premises for filling flexible packages and technologies guaranteeing high performance, speed and precision.
We can also pasteurise products at our company as part of the liquid filling process.
Suricate uses advanced systems designed specifically for beverage production. The production process may also cover other kinds of products, such as bulk and grain foodstuffs.


Suricate produces various types of flexible packages, which can be summed up in 4 macro-categories:

3 Side Seal Bag

Practical to use, particularly suitable for food products and cosmetics, the 3 seam pack offers customers a large surface for customisation to ensure that their products stand out on supermarket shelves.

Stand-up Pouch

The stand-up pack is particularly original and practical. As its name suggests, its large, flat bottom allows it to stand up unsupported. Suitable for storing a number of different product categories, it is becoming more and more popular on the market as an alternative to the rigid bottle, and as a container for refills.

Side gusset pouch

The containing capacity of sealed packages can be significantly increased with side gussets. The largest packs of this type are appropriate for a variety of applications and product types, while the smaller sizes are used primarily as single serving beverage packs.

Shaped Pouch

To create a pack with greater appeal and visibility in response to the demands of marketing and design, the pack can be given a special shape for added value.

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