Production and filling Flexible Packaging

We are specialized in the production of flexible packaging; we develop packaging solutions for the food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

We assist our customers with filling, packaging and third-party labelling; we work closely with them to create products and services that meet their specific needs. We guarantee efficiency, safety and quality.

Busta per confezionamento flow pack a 3 saldature

3-seam pouch

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Busta Stand-Up per confezionamento

Stand-Up pouch

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Busta per confezionamento flow pack con soffietti laterali

Pouch with side gussets

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Busta per confezionamento flow pack sagomata anche in versione monodose

Shaped pouch

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We build solid relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees because unity is strength.
Our goal is to make impossible projects a reality.
Our fusion is the energy for transforming difficulties into opportunities.


We are a positive, daring and courageous team. Together we find the path to satisfy our customers by creating cutting-edge projects: we want to be your elite partner.


The characteristics of Flexible Packaging

We design and manufacture flexible packaging for the advantages that these packaging solutions can guarantee:

The advantages of Flexible Packaging

We make flexible packaging because it is good for the planet.

We have an ecological soul, so our packaging compared to traditional packaging allows you to:

Reduce raw materials used by 75%

Reduce weight and size, thus optimizing resources

Reduce C02 emissions during production

Reduce waste by improving packaging performance

But our commitment to the environment is a continual process of optimization of our solutions which today are also available in single materials and eco-sustainable materials from renewable sources.

Ecological packaging that respects the environment

We produce flexible packaging: if, in Europe, all packaging were flexible, if only in the food sector, we could drastically reduce consumption:

of materials
tons greenhouse gas
m3 water