The experts in
Flexible Packaging

Suricate SA is specialised in the design and production of flexible packaging. Innovation applied to packaging is our passion, the core of our business.

Over the years, extensive research has allowed us to develop strong skills in the design and creation of flexible packaging, exploring its applications in multiple product sectors.

We continuously study, research and test innovative products in accordance with our values.

Production of flexible packaging

Creativity and innovation guide us in the research and development of new original and versatile packaging solutions intended for different product sectors from food, to cosmetics, to pharmaceuticals.

Every new product is a challenge, an occasion for growth and a stimulus to improve.

We put our skills and experience to work on developing innovative and tailor-made solutions.

Our profound understanding of materials and packaging technologies allow us to create ever-changing pouches in a wide range of materials and formats, including single material and eco-sustainable materials from renewable sources.

Our flexible packaging solutions combine efficiency, functionality and safety with aesthetic value.

Filling services in Flow Pack containers

At Suricate we work closely with our customers to understand their needs and identify the most suitable solutions. For this reason, our work begins with a thorough analysis of every request. Our experienced, professional team then offers integrated solutions that encompass the entire chain of production from the design and realization of the graphics to the shaping of the pouch, up to the filling services in flow-pack containers.

We work with qualified suppliers and certified laboratories to carry out sampling and quality tests at all phases of production and on all products, in accordance with legislative provisions.

Packaging with certified quality

In our headquarters in Balerna (Switzerland) we work every day to enhance the content of packaging through the use of modern technologies and certified procedures. Our commitment to our customer includes rigid monitoring procedures and elevated safety standards.

Suricate Sa has obtained the Food Safety System Certification 22000, for the food safety management system in the entire supply chain.

This certification is based on the regulations ISO 22000:2005, ISO/TS 22002-4, ISO/TS 22002-1 and the additional requirements of the FSSC22000 and is valid for the forming of flexible bags with multilayer plastic film for food use. Production and packaging of liquid beverages in multilayer films; packaging of granules and powders in multilayer films.