Third-party filling and packaging of cosmetic products

We perform the services of filling and packaging cosmetic products for third parties, with the complete management of orders of various sizes.

We use cutting-edge technologies and have automatic and semi-automatic cosmetic packaging machines that comply with the requirements of GMP. We offer third parties:

  • Single-dose packaging service for cosmetics
  • Vertical packaging service for cosmetics
  • Packaging of cosmetics in boxes
  • Labelling service for cosmetic products
  • Powder filling service for cosmetic products
  • Secondary packaging service for cosmetic products

Characteristics of the third-party packaging service

Thanks to our versatile and efficient organization, we are able to guarantee quality, rapidity and safety when handling both small and large volume orders.

We have specific internal areas within our production plant, distinguished by type of packaging.

The first packaging area is devoted to filling cosmetic liquids, gels and emulsions in formats between 50 and 500 ml

The second packaging area is devoted to the same product types, but in formats ranging from 50 to 5000 ml

There is also a Clean Area for packaging cosmetic products with air conditioning and an air treatment unit

The third packaging area is devoted to storage; in accordance with the provisions of the ISO 22716 GMP directives, it is divided as follows:

  • Area for incoming material
  • Area for outgoing merchandise
  • Packaging storage
  • Quarantine area for raw materials
  • Storage area for raw materials