Flowpack pharmaceutical packaging

We are specialized in the design and production of flow-pack packaging for the pharmaceutical sector. This is flexible packaging which, due to the careful selection of materials, guarantees the best performance in terms of safety and conservation of the pharmaceutical product.

The flexibility of the packaging improves the experience of the end user and the large surface area available for graphic customization allows for a more efficient use of the information included.

Various models and formats are available, as well as solutions in single materials and eco-sustainable materials from renewable sources.

3-sealing flow-pack pouch
for pharmaceutical products

Available in various formats, the flow-pack pouch is the ideal packaging in the pharmaceutical sector for single-dose packets of creams, gels and powders, as well as for gauze and medicaments.

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Busta per confezionamento flow pack a 3 saldature
Busta Stand-Up per confezionamento

Stand Up pouch
for pharmaceutical products

Stable, safe and durable, the stand-up pouch is the flow-pack option that replaces traditional bottles for packaging liquid pharmaceutical products.

Various capping systems and handles are available for managing the pack.

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Flow-pack pouch with side gussets
for packaging pharmaceutical powders and salts

For packaging powders, pharmaceutical granules and medicaments.

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Busta per confezionamento flow pack con soffietti laterali
Busta per confezionamento flow pack sagomata anche in versione monodose

Shaped pouch
for pharmaceutical products

This flexible pack may be used in the pharmaceutical sector as a marketing tool.

Suitable for packaging gels, creams and powders and often the protagonist in awareness campaigns.

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