Busta per confezionamento flow pack a 3 saldature

3-seam Flow-Pack pouch

We offer the 3-seam flow-pack pouch for packaging products in the food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

We select the finest materials and use a strictly monitored production process in order to guarantee high quality standards for the safety and conservation of the products contained, as well as offering a highly customizable packaging option.

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Characteristics of the 3-seam flow-pack pouches

The 3-seam pouches may be produced in any size, starting from the 60X60mm format.

One side always remains open to allow for the filling phase.

These pouches have an ample, customizable surface area to reinforce every marketing project.

The flow-pack pouch can be equipped with:

  • Made-to-measure spout and closing cap of various shapes

  • Easy open and laser precut to simplify opening

  • Zipper for easy, efficient resealing

  • Perforations for hanging the pouches or handle for transport

  • A combination of these solutions, depending on the project

This type of pouch is also available in single materials and eco-sustainable materials from renewable sources.