Busta per confezionamento flow pack sagomata anche in versione monodose

Shaped Flow-Pack pouch also in single-dose version

We produce shaped flow-pack pouches that are also suitable for single-dose packaging. In the case of the shaped pouch we take advantage of the versatility that distinguishes flexible packaging and create packaging solutions in a wide range of forms that are ideal for food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

The shaped flow-pack pouch allows you to obtain particularly manageable packaging, is usually chosen for single-dose packets, and is often used for promotions, gadgets or for launching new products.

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Accessories of shaped pouch in single-dose version

We create a wide range of accessories for the shaped pouch, such as:

  • Made-to-measure spout and closing cap of various shapes

  • Easy open and laser precut to simplify opening

  • Zipper for easy, efficient resealing

  • Perforations for hanging the pouches or handle for transport

  • A combination of these solutions, depending on the project

This type of packaging is also available in single materials and eco-sustainable materials from renewable sources.