Busta per confezionamento flow pack con soffietti laterali

Flow-Pack pouch with side gussets

We offer Flow-Pack pouches with side gussets for packaging food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

This type of flexible packaging, thanks to the presence of the side gussets, can greatly increase its containment capacity, following the natural shape of its contents. Durable and safe, in the smaller formats it is used for the packaging of single-dose drinks.

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Characteristics of the flow-pack pouches with side gussets

We make the flow-pack pouch with side gussets in various formats ranging from 0,1 lt. capacity up to sizes that hold more than 20 lt.

In addition to maximum freedom in graphic customization, the pouches can be equipped with the following accessories:

  • Made-to-measure spout and closing cap of various shapes

  • Perforations for hanging the pouches or handle for transport
  • A combination of these solutions, depending on the project

This type of pouch is also available in single materials and eco-sustainable materials from renewable sources.