Busta Stand-Up per confezionamento

Stand-Up pouch

With the Stand-Up pouch, we offer an ideal solution for packaging food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

The stand-up pouch is amongst the most original solutions in the world of flexible packaging. With its wide, flat base, it is stable in a vertical position, thus allowing the pouch to remain standing.

Used for packaging both solid and liquid products in various merchandise sectors, it is an increasingly valid alternative to traditional rigid containers and is widely used as a container for product refills.

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Characteristics of the Stand-Up pouch

The stand-up pouch offers a large area for customized graphics and may be equipped with:

  • Made-to-measure spout and closing cap of various shapes

  • Easy open and laser precut to simplify opening

  • Zipper for easy, efficient resealing

  • Perforations for hanging the pouches or handle for transport

  • A combination of these solutions, depending on the project

This type of packaging is also available in single materials and eco-sustainable materials from renewable sources.