Third-party filling and packaging of detergents and chemical products

We carry out filling and packaging services for third parties expressly destined for the detergents and chemicals sector.

The choice to include third-party packaging among our customer services stems from the perception of an increasingly widespread need by companies to collaborate with versatile partners who are able to respond quickly, efficiently and completely to their needs.

The precise organization of our production and packaging plant combined with the availability of cutting-edge technologies allows us to guarantee very high safety standards. The automatic and semi-automatic machines for the packaging of chemical products allow us to guarantee third-party packaging operations according to the requirements of GMP.

We carry out:

  • Single-dose detergent packaging service
  • Vertical packaging for detergents and chemicals
  • Packaging of boxed detergents
  • Labelling service for detergents and chemicals
  • Filling service for powdered detergents
  • Filling service for liquid detergents
  • Secondary packaging service for detergents and chemicals

Characteristics of the third-party packaging service

We guarantee our customers efficiency and safety in the management of all detergent and chemical product packaging operations, whether for small or large volumes.

We have specific internal areas within our production plant, distinguished by type of packaging.

The first packaging area is for filling of detergents and chemical products in formats ranging from 50 to 500 ml

The second packaging area is for the same type of products, but for formats ranging from 50 to 5000 ml

There is also a Clean Area for packaging detergents and chemical products with air conditioning and an air treatment unit

The third packaging area is devoted to storage; in accordance with the provisions of the ISO 22716 GMP directives, it is divided as follows:

  • Area for incoming material
  • Area for outgoing merchandise
  • Packaging storage
  • Quarantine area for raw materials
  • Storage area for raw materials